The South Caucasus Women’s Political Platform

Strategic Document

Political and Social Context in the South Caucasus. The one of the complex regions in the world – the South Caucasus is on the crossroad of different political and economic interests. The influence over the region gives control over important political and economic power. On other hand, the South Caucasus nature - the multinational and multi religious is easy for creation of ethno conflicts and violence. For more than 20 years, the region remains politically and economically unstable, with the threat of repeated armed conflicts. The population of the region is longing for acquiring security and stability, though politicians are still unable to unlock the vicious circle. The socio-economic situation in the region is quite critical with high level of unemployment and poverty among population, especially it is true for women and women headed households. There are a number of common features characterizing the situation with gender equality in these countries. In the South Caucasus – Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and breakaway regions, women are misrepresented in local and national politics and have little influence on political decision-making, peace and reconciliation processes. The lack of political power negatively affects women’s status, women’s human rights in the entire region and is the most significant problem of gender equality – integral part of democracy.

The main Goal of SCWPP: Increase Women’s Power in Decision Making

The objectives

  • To organize and unite women from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and breakaway regions for promotion of women’s participation in politics and public administration in the South Caucasus;
  • To promote cooperation between women politician and women from other segments of society in the South Caucasus;
  • To monitor implementation of CEDAW and other international obligations of the states concerning WHR in the South Caucasus;
  • To monitor work of Gender Equality Institutions in the South Caucasus;
  • To promote gender equality within political parties in the South Caucasus.
  • To build capacities of women’s groups both at local and national level

The Tools of SCWPP:

  • Networking – forming the South Caucasus Women’s Congress
  • Educating
  • Lobbing on National, Regional, International levels
  • Conducting Advocacy Campaigns
  • Monitoring