United on the shared values of gender equality, solidarity and inclusiveness, the Women’s Resource Center Armenia (WRCA), the Association for Women’s Rights Protection Azerbaijan and Women’s Political Resource Center Georgia (WPRC), launched for women of the South Caucasus the political platform in March, 2013. The effort began in partnership with Kvinna till Kvinna foundation and with the financial support of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The idea of forming the South Caucasus Women’s Congress, which is based on women’s political platform, was discussed between the three partner organizations during a network meeting in Stockholm in 2006 and then continued in Istanbul in 2007.

The Congress is to achieve efficient results in advancing women’s rights in the region, to ensure equal involvement of women in political processes and increase fruitful cooperation between Women’s NGOs, local governments and international actors. In the entire region women are almost non-represented in politics and formal institutions, on its part the low level of female decision-makers in respective governments reflects negatively on policies and legislations.

There have been many different women’s networks in the past, but most of them were artificially formed with a pressure from international donors. This one differs, as it is organically formed through grassroots genuine efforts since 2006 and it will unite on the same table women’s organizations, women politicians and international actors.

The Women’s Political Platform of the South Caucasus is open for membership for other organizations and individuals. We believe that this platform will be a safe and trustworthy environment for women’s activism in the region.