This code of conduct is a voluntary code of SCWP, which is self-enforced by each of the signatory individual or organization.

Principle Commitments of the Code for members of SCWP:

  1. The Women’s Human Rights Imperative comes first;
  2. We, the members of SCWP will have personal responsibilities, and should demonstrate integrity and humanity and observe the principles of the CEDAW;
  3. Recognition of the members of SCWP is given regardless age, race, language, ethnicity, culture, religion, disability, sexual orientation, family status, or socio-economic status - without adverse distinction of any kind and on the basis of commitment to women’s human rights alone;
  4. All kinds of discrimination against the members will not be tolerated inside the Platform;
  5. We, the members of SCWP will not use this membership to further a particular political or religious standpoint;
  6. We, the members of SCWP will endeavor not to be used as an instrument of own governments or the governments of foreign countries;
  7. We, the members of SCWP will demonstrate inclusiveness and respect the cultural diversity and the dignity of other members;
  8. We, the members of SCWP will contribute to development of a humane, safe, healthy and satisfying cooperation and will stand for the fair and equitable treatment of other members;
  9. We, the members of SCWP will have regard for the interests of the South Caucasian Women’s Groups in acting loyally and honestly in carrying out the policies of the SCWP;
  10. We, the members of SCWP will hold ourselves accountable to both those we seek to assist and those from whom we accept resources;
  11. We, the members of SCWP will respect the confidentiality of information which comes from other members;
  12. We, the members of SCWP will be responsible for development of effective communications, understandings and cooperation between all members at all levels;
  13. We, the members of SCWP will respect intellectual property and resources of other members and will use them only in terms of mutual consent;
  14. We, the members of SCWP will promote the development of further understanding of the role of women and Gender equality in our communities and society.
  15. The Ethical Committee is authorized to review the complaints of the members regarding violation of above rules and develop penalty sanctions. If an individual or organization does not follow repeatedly the rules of the membership, she/it will be expelled from the Platform.